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Medical Mission with the Aetas of Porac

It was a nice experience to be with the Aetas of Pampanga. I used to dream of becoming a medical doctor. Actually, i never thought of becoming a priest. It never came into my mind until the last year of high school when my classmates were attending search-ins. Anyway...

I felt touched and blessed by these people. As I hold their arms and hands while getting their blood pressure, i can't hold myself from looking onto their faces and deep within i kept on asking myself... the Lord is with this woman/man?.. hehehe. I just felt so at ease with them. I felt pity that some were not accommodated.

I felt drained with positive energies when I got home. I hope God would forgive me coz I was not able to attend the mass because I took a 2-hour sleep.

May God bless those who have helped us in the medical mission specially those dentists and volunteers who were not sure of their faith. May God also protect the Air Force who patrolled during the event. May God continue to use us and the LST co…