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The Beloved

It was a non-eating apostolate day. We've come from Mumbong, joined in their Bible Sharing & paraliturgy. It was almost 12 noon already when we left the area. We arrived at the Inawasan around past 12. We stayed there for a while. The wife of Kuya Iljin bought 2 pieces of bread and a bottle of Sprite for us. Then we were given tuba to drink. Later we visited some house and stayed at the elementary school and talk with some youth. Later on Phoebe came to thank me for that which I gave last Sunday. Her mother and family were happy too. I was happy to see her and her family happy. That was enough for me. I hope the message of Christ was well taken.

We went to the house of the former barangay captain and talk with his family then by 4 PM, john and I started to walk home. I was really really hungry and tired at that time but I saw too it that I never look as such. John and I were hoping for a car to pass by and let us hitch. But unfortunately there was no car. When we were at the …