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Throw Your Net on The Other Side of The Boat

When the Lord passed by my life, I was casting into the digital net. And when he said “Come, follow me” (Mt. 4:19). I went and followed… but I didn’t leave the net. Instead, I brought with me the Word and made it circulate it in the digital continent.

Because of Computer Engineering, my head was wired with data, circuits, and codes. Then I was called. The deciphering of codes to make a computer software work was converted into deciphering the code that Jesus left to make heaven on earth unfold. For many years I have wondered why of all the bastards out there, I was called. And at the same time, He gave me the opportunity to navigate, investigate, dominate the digital continent. Later that I realized that God called me to proclaim the Word through the digital continent; to encode in my heart the digital numbers 0 and 1: ZERO other God and the ONE and only command: “Love one another as I have loved you” (Jn 13:34); to continue fishing men and women citizens of the digital continent.