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Dagway sa Anak

Karung adlawa, gi awhag kita nga atong irecognize ang Amahan nga makita nato sa pagkatawo ni Hesu Kristo. Miingon si Felipe: Ginoo ipakita kanamo ang Amahan og igo na kana kanamo. To see the Father mao pud ang pagkadiskubre nga ang Ginoo mao ang sinugdan, ang Ginoo ang kinabuhi, ang Ginoo maginhatagon, og ang Ginoo kanunay nga ginabag-o ang tanang butang sa kalibutan.

Unsa pa man ang atong pangitaon? Nagikan man ta sa Ginoo, og matag usa kanato, bisag di nato aminon or unconciously, gusto kita nga mobalik niya, gusto kita nga makaadto sa panimalay sa atuang amahan sa langit og magpabilin didto.

Gusto ba ninyo nga makita ang Ginoo o makapiling sya? Oo father pero dili sa karon oi.

Sa Gingharian sa Dios makita nato o makuha ang mga butang nga gipangita nato kasagaran: kinabuhi, kahayag, gugma, kalinaw...

Gipakita kanato ni Hesus ang ang iyahang lalum nga relasyon sa iyahang sa Amahan. Ako naa sa Amahan og ang Amahan anaa kanako. Unsa man gud ang isulti ni Hesus mogikan sa Amahan og ang…


Peace be with you. The word “shalom” synthesizes all the good that we all could desire of: good health, integral life, harmony with persons, harmony with nature and with God. The Resurrected Christ promises us not triumph but peace, the possibility to live right from within us. Peace does not mean that we could comprehend everything but rather it’s a peace that gives us the power to contemplate all including sufferings in the way God sees it. A person who accepts the peace of Christ or who has the peace of Christ, those who welcome the gift of peace are peacemakers. Have you received well the peace of Christ? Are you a peace maker? Hindi yan ung bisaya ng pace maker ha. Kundi Peacemaker. O palaaway ka ba?

Why do doubts arise in your hearts? People in countries where there are four seasons believe in spring because they see new life in the buds of the trees. We believe in butterflies because we see it as it comes out of the cocoon with its multicolored wings. We believe in the day bec…

Constant Journey

They say that our life is a constant journey. Surely there is a moment when we are to start and a moment wherein we have to finally stop. Many things happens in between these two important moments in our lives. This is the same in our religious life. We have that first time religious experience with the Lord wherein we were amazed, we were astonished, we were caught in awe of the unfathomable grace that he might have bestowed on us. We were drawn into the beautiful words and deeds of the Lord. We were amazed and we wanted to imitate them all. But sometimes when the demands of religious life does not feet to our expectations and our own demands in life, if it goes the other way around, we feel sad, we enter into crisis, we seclude ourselves, we leave, we journey away from the community. Surely along the way, during times of crisis, we find persons who makes us happy, who would make us feel our worth and people who would remind us of who we are, what we are, and why we are sad. Sometim…