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Ash Wednesday Experience

I was touched by the people in the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital on Ash Wednesday after helping Fr. Arnold, our brother priest who is also a patient of the said hospital, during his midday mass. i was touched by the desire of the people to seek God, to find holiness, to seek for healing, and most of all by their simple faith that a simple imposition of ash in their forehead, they would be renewed, healed, forgiven, blessed. People do really seek for that spiritual relationship with my Boss. Im happy for them. (aside from the fact that there were also beautiful nurses around) hehehehe.

but really, i felt like crying seeing them, feeling their grief (specially those who are suffering from pain in their broken bones). i also felt like crying out of their sense of faith. i dont know if those were authentic, but it doesn't matter. i dont need to categorize that this and this are authentic faith and this is not. i believe, my Boss is happy to see them like that too.

i was just wonder…

Mahirap Mawalan ng Sasakyan

Well, sometimes we find ourselves lost and it seems that there is no way out. I'm thankful every time these moments comes into my life for it is at this moments that I am able to sit and take time to reflect on what is happening in my life. It gives me a chance to be alone with my intimate Boss.