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Why John?

Last night i was asked by my rector when we met at the stairs "Why do you use John before your name." I halted, and thought for a while. I did not answer immediately and later responded "just read my journals."

I guess its time to recall back why I began using that name, or let say the name John Luis. I browsed into my journals this afternoon and found out the exact day and year I started using the name. I'd been using the name since 1999 as the journals would say but i'd been fond of it and claimed it as mine on May 15, 2003.

In 1999, during the Holy Week, since i was the Youth Coordinator, i was chosen to play the role of John the Beloved in order to complete the 12 disciples. For two years i was asked to join the 12 chosen individuals in the parish to play the role of apostles during the washing of the feet, procession, easter celebrations, etc. I liked the name and the role that i played. I felt like I'm the beloved disciple. Reasons are all over the …