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GOING UP NORTH... and 360 Degree Trip

I don't know but it seems to be a privilege to travel to the North of the Philippines. That make me someone who had traveled the whole main land Luzon island.

It was never planned. It was just an all of a sudden plan that came like a puff when i went to the vocation office. Perhaps it was in accordance with the will of God. Lo and behold i had a good experience, a new perception of missionary life, and a one of a kind package, perhaps a pabaon before i leave for Spain.

I stayed

A Surprise Visit

I was surprised in the afternoon when 6 Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) Junior sisters came looking for me. They were my Batchmates during teh Postulancy in Tagaytay. I was surprised because why look for me or of all, they remembered my name. I realized it's because of the video i once took. I interviewed Jasmine (now Sr. Jasmine is suppose) for the movie about vocation that i was doing at that time. But this movie was never completed beacuse i have to undergo novitiate in ormoc. I was happy, she remembered as well as the other 5 who were left from the 19 i think or i forgot now how many were they during that time. I felt touched and happy for their visit despite the fact that i was from a deep sleep at almost 5 in the afternoon.

Well today too was a busy day, Vic and I had our first tutorial class in Spanish with Fr. Ferrero in the retreat house. It was nice riding the bicycle then - no fare needed. Unfortunately it rained in the afternoon. The tutorial ended wit…