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Quite a Chill For Me

Medyo malamig na ang panahon because of the snow sa Sierra Nevada. I´d been here for three weeks now. And the temperature kept on droping. The lowest so far is 2º celsius. It´s been a week too that i´d been attending class at Centro de Lenguas Modernas of the University of Granada with lots of classmates from the US and United Kingdom. My diction and pronunciation has changed too because of them, becuase i had to adopt with their fast tounge and got to speak the right english pronunciation this time.

Up to this moment i still could not believe that i am half the globe away from my beloved country. Everytime i check on the net for emails or YM messages, its always 3 pm in the Philippines or almost midnight.
Esta es mi nueva comunidad en España. Estoy en Granada. From left to right Gabri (Sevilla), Félix (Guinea Ecuatorial), Martín (Sevilla), Ildefonso (Tenerife), Yo (Albay), Alejandro (Gran Canaria), Victor (Isabela)

GOING UP NORTH... and 360 Degree Trip

I don't know but it seems to be a privilege to travel to the North of the Philippines. That make me someone who had traveled the whole main land Luzon island.

It was never planned. It was just an all of a sudden plan that came like a puff when i went to the vocation office. Perhaps it was in accordance with the will of God. Lo and behold i had a good experience, a new perception of missionary life, and a one of a kind package, perhaps a pabaon before i leave for Spain.

I stayed

A Surprise Visit

I was surprised in the afternoon when 6 Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) Junior sisters came looking for me. They were my Batchmates during teh Postulancy in Tagaytay. I was surprised because why look for me or of all, they remembered my name. I realized it's because of the video i once took. I interviewed Jasmine (now Sr. Jasmine is suppose) for the movie about vocation that i was doing at that time. But this movie was never completed beacuse i have to undergo novitiate in ormoc. I was happy, she remembered as well as the other 5 who were left from the 19 i think or i forgot now how many were they during that time. I felt touched and happy for their visit despite the fact that i was from a deep sleep at almost 5 in the afternoon.

Well today too was a busy day, Vic and I had our first tutorial class in Spanish with Fr. Ferrero in the retreat house. It was nice riding the bicycle then - no fare needed. Unfortunately it rained in the afternoon. The tutorial ended wit…

My Sassy Girl

I guess it was a bad timing last Saturday that i was able to watch this old Korean Movie entitled "My Sassy Girl." I would say that I fell in love again.

Why John?

Last night i was asked by my rector when we met at the stairs "Why do you use John before your name." I halted, and thought for a while. I did not answer immediately and later responded "just read my journals."

I guess its time to recall back why I began using that name, or let say the name John Luis. I browsed into my journals this afternoon and found out the exact day and year I started using the name. I'd been using the name since 1999 as the journals would say but i'd been fond of it and claimed it as mine on May 15, 2003.

In 1999, during the Holy Week, since i was the Youth Coordinator, i was chosen to play the role of John the Beloved in order to complete the 12 disciples. For two years i was asked to join the 12 chosen individuals in the parish to play the role of apostles during the washing of the feet, procession, easter celebrations, etc. I liked the name and the role that i played. I felt like I'm the beloved disciple. Reasons are all over the …

They Taught Me How To Love More

I was assigned to the college seminary as auxiliary formator for the Summer Program 2008 of the incoming freshmen and sophomores. I was not ready then because i was just asked to relieve the position of two of our brothers who fortunately had their 30-day retreat in Cebu. I do not know what to give them during the conference and i have the fear of not being able to become a good Big Brother to them. I was joined by one Vietnamese and by our Vocation Director who stood as our head formator.

It was a challenge to be assigned to the Sophomores as their formator-in-charge since they are expected to be good leaders and good kuyas to the new comers. Two days after i learned that i would be staying there in the college, i already thought of teaching them how to love their younger brothers and to be witnesses to the ideal Claretian Seminarian. My conferences revolved on God's way of Loving, of Christ's way of loving, of Claret's way of loving, and how is one Claretian expected to l…

Greed Destroys Happiness

Smith and the head teacher were standing near the playground where the children were frolicking to their heart’s content. He asked the headmaster: “Why is it that everyone wants to be happy, but so few ever are?” The teacher looked at the playground and answered: “Those children seem to be really happy.” “Why shouldn’t they be? said Smith. “All they do is play. But what keeps the grownups from being happy like that?” “The same thing that can keeps children from being happy.” When he said that he reached into his pocket, pulled out a handful of copper coins and threw them among the playing children. Suddenly all laughter stopped. The children tumbled over one another, fought and argued. Then the teacher said to Smith: “Well, what do you think ended their happiness?”(Gods must be crazy)

My dear brothers and sisters, the readings today invites us to reflect on Greatness. Who and what makes a person great and what defines a true greatness from a worldly greatness. We always …

Be Miracles

The first reading is a part of a series of statements of James in order to defend or to support his thesis that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone; that the body is dead without its spirit and faith without deeds is also dead. How? James tells us today that if we can show who we are by our own actions. If we think that we are wise, it has to be seen in our day to day living. If we say that we are good, that I am good, it should reflect from what I do and from what I act. He also posits the danger of showing off specially if ones heart is full of bitterness and very ambitious. In other words, if one’s heart is not pure, do not show off that you are great or the best because surely, it will cause a lot of trouble. It will just cause evil. It will bring you no good. Diba pag may isang taong mayabang na sumemplang sa ginawa sinasabi natin.. yan kasi.. gaba… ang yabang kasi wala naman palang binatbat. Wherever you find jealousy and ambition, you find also evil and disco…


Id like to begin with the words a Dominican once told me when I asked whether I can join their order. He posited a question to me which I then took it as an insult so I did not pursue joining them. The statement was “Have you really heard the voice telling you that you should become a priest, tinawagan ka bas a telepono o baka naman illusion mo lang yan.” I never thought of what was at the back of his mind when he confronted me with that question. Later I realized way back when I was already a postulant, that he was just trying to discern on the call, on the invitation of God.

Discernment and recognition of the call is necessary. Then once we realize what is this call, we start to find its true meaning. What is this vocation? I am reminded of the answers of our dear seminarians there in the sigaw board at the 2nd floor of Rafael Briega Hall. Some said that vocation is …

“Callings have led people to great accomplishments.” Why does it become great? Because if the calling truly comes f…

Ash Wednesday Experience

I was touched by the people in the Philippine Orthopedic Hospital on Ash Wednesday after helping Fr. Arnold, our brother priest who is also a patient of the said hospital, during his midday mass. i was touched by the desire of the people to seek God, to find holiness, to seek for healing, and most of all by their simple faith that a simple imposition of ash in their forehead, they would be renewed, healed, forgiven, blessed. People do really seek for that spiritual relationship with my Boss. Im happy for them. (aside from the fact that there were also beautiful nurses around) hehehehe.

but really, i felt like crying seeing them, feeling their grief (specially those who are suffering from pain in their broken bones). i also felt like crying out of their sense of faith. i dont know if those were authentic, but it doesn't matter. i dont need to categorize that this and this are authentic faith and this is not. i believe, my Boss is happy to see them like that too.

i was just wonder…

Mahirap Mawalan ng Sasakyan

Well, sometimes we find ourselves lost and it seems that there is no way out. I'm thankful every time these moments comes into my life for it is at this moments that I am able to sit and take time to reflect on what is happening in my life. It gives me a chance to be alone with my intimate Boss.