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The Love of God - Valentines ´09

Our community have spent the weekend in Calahonda, a town near Motril in the Province of Granada. It was meant for the students to be relaxed after a month-long exams and also for the two of us, Victor and I as we end our Spanish language class. We arrived at the rest house on Friday night.
 The following day, the community decided to take a beach walk. While walking, my attention was called by a scene that you can see in the foto to the left. A father and son. I was amazed at the sight and began recalling my memories about my own biological father, asking myself if we ever had the chance to do same things like this father. I felt sad because I never had this kind of experience but on the other hand I felt happy for the child because he had his loving father with him, in the sea shore, lying under the sun, together, and ON VALENTINES DAY! The psychological stuffs surfaced when I saw this "father and son." But aside from that psychological stuff that surfaced, I felt touched …