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Give. Share. Repent.

If you were part of the plant kingdom, what would you like to be? Barren Bush or a Tree? According to Jeremiah, one is like a barren bush not when one shows to be napaka antipatiko kundi that’s when he puts his confidence or trust in human beings. Like a bush because he / she is condemned to live in the desert. On the contrary, one is like a tree when he/she trusts in the Lord and puts his confidence in the Lord… coz its just like ur planting near a water fountain or spring that when dry seasons come, it continues to live and bear fruit coz may tubig nga.

I believe that we are living in a culture of a bush. Our technology is now advanced, our way of living is advanced, but we tend to be too proud to be auto sufficient, only confides in one’s own force. That’s why it doesn’t last most of the time. We live in a permanent paradox or contradictions: we achieve many things in technology but fails in humanity. Humanity still the same. Naiba lang ang level. Today we are not better than thos…


Only one thing that Jesus is pointing out today in the Gospel, one attitude that we have that is very common in everybody, an attitude that in today's gospel is strongly opposed by Jesus: its Hypocrisy. I might have a strong reflection today so sorry if the truth will hurt you. But this is what we have to look at as we go on with our Lenten preparation for Easter.

Jesus can understand all our human weaknesses for he came down into the well of weaknesses (sa balon ng ating kahinaan), our human race. But what do not support is the cultivation of a simple appearance. Tagalugin ko kasi walang masyadong dating sa akin at sa inyo. Natatangap at naiintindihan ni Hesus ang ating kahinaan subalit di niya matangap ang ating pagiging PAKITANG TAO lamang. Plastic kung baga. Jesus's deep religious experience can not tolerate the behavior of those who claim to speak "in the name of God."

What Jesus says to the religious authorities of his time retains its strength relative to the…

Ask, Seek and Knock

Dejate que te lleve

Dejarse llevar y ceder forman parte de la realidad de nuestras vidas. Cuando nacemos, tenemos que dejar de lado el cordón umbilical y el agua que nos sostiene para que pudiera respirar y tener una nueva vida. Cuando empezamos a crecer, nuestros padres de vez en cuando dejar de lado nuestras manos y nosotros de ellos hasta que estamos totalmente de aprender a caminar y descubrir muchas cosas en la vida. Cuando comenzamos a ir a la escuela, tenemos que dejar de lado las cosas que están confinadas sólo en nuestros hogares para que podamos saber más sobre la vida y la sociedad. Entonces comenzamos a tener nuevas perspectivas en la vida. Cuando empezamos a amar, empezamos a dejar de lado el amor que teníamos para nuestros padres y comienza a dejar de lado las cosas que queremos para nosotros mismos para que nuestra querida encontraría la vida nueva en nosotros y nosotros en ellos. Cuando el matrimonio llega, la pareja tiene que separarse de sus padres para tener y empezar una nueva vida, …

Let Go, Let Live

Letting-go and giving up are part of the realities of our lives. When we are born, we have to let go of the umbilical cord and the water that holds us so that we could breath and have a new life. When we started to grow, our parents would from time to time let go of our hands and us of theirs until we fully learn to walk and to discover many things in life. When we start to go to school, we have to let go of the things that are just confined in our homes in order for us to know more about life and the society. Then we start to have new perspectives in life. When we start to love, we start to let go of the love we had for our parents and starts to let go of the things we want for ourselves so that our beloved would find new life in us or us in them. When marriage comes, the couple has to leave their parents to have and begin with a new life, a new family, a new start. When you become parents, you learn to let go of your personal desires and habits in order to give way and give life to…


Familiarity is very important in creating and in dealing with relationships. When you are familiar with the one that you are relating with, lets take the example of lovers, it is easier to move around during dates, to find ways to please her or to cope up with courtship problems. I’m talking here based from experience. Jejejeje. When you are sent to the mission together with a partner or a team, familiarity of the team member’s personality and capacity is very important so that the team would work smoothly and achieve the goal and frictions could be avoided or evaded. Furthermore, when you are tasked to lead an organization, you have to be familiar with your members and constituents or else you’ll never turn out to be a good leader but rather a catastrophic one. Likewise, a religious, before she enters a congregation, she has to be familiar with what kind of congregation she is entering, its apostolate, its way of living, its ministry, its lifestyle or else she would get culture shock…