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The Constancy of Love (4th Sunday Ordinary Time)

This Sunday's Gospel invites us to reflect on one of the greatest mysteries of human relationships: rejection of those who do well. The Gospel text continue to relate to us the situation of Jesus in Nazareth, his hometown, parting from where we left off last Sunday. Jesus had read the reading from the prophet Isaiah announcing liberation and hope among the oppressed and an announcement of the year of the Lord. And he concluded with the words that the Gospel today begins with: "Today this scripture is fulfilled in your hearing."

These words of Jesus provoked admiration from the listeners. But very soon, that attitude changed and gradually an atmosphere of rejection was in the air. Those who were listening ended up getting angry and even tried to kill him. It was a surprising story. How is it possible that those who received the announcement of salvation ended up turning against the messenger of the good news?

The experience of rejection

This short story in som…