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They Taught Me How To Love More

I was assigned to the college seminary as auxiliary formator for the Summer Program 2008 of the incoming freshmen and sophomores. I was not ready then because i was just asked to relieve the position of two of our brothers who fortunately had their 30-day retreat in Cebu. I do not know what to give them during the conference and i have the fear of not being able to become a good Big Brother to them. I was joined by one Vietnamese and by our Vocation Director who stood as our head formator.

It was a challenge to be assigned to the Sophomores as their formator-in-charge since they are expected to be good leaders and good kuyas to the new comers. Two days after i learned that i would be staying there in the college, i already thought of teaching them how to love their younger brothers and to be witnesses to the ideal Claretian Seminarian. My conferences revolved on God's way of Loving, of Christ's way of loving, of Claret's way of loving, and how is one Claretian expected to l…