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Precious Blood

Today is a very memorable day because it is the first time that I was able to donate blood. I was always rejected, 5 times, as blood donor since philosophy because I was underweight then and if Im with the proper weight I have cold, running nose, cough etc. I thought before that maybe my blood is special that it is not allowed to be just given. Because every time its donation time, Im always rejected. I always say to myself that mine is a precious blood and it will be used for a very special purpose. Maybe that was not yet the time I said. Maybe I will shed my blood for a better glorification of God and his kingdom.

But today, it came. I was able to donate blood to Antonio Demetrio, a youth who from 4 years of age had a bone marrow cancer and a complication of the blood. He lives by the donated blood of another donor. 2 bags per month. He is now 16, very thin, short in stature because there was no more room for growth, the stomach is bulging because of stacks of blood… he often time…

Urban IX in the Making

From the start of the month, I began reading books of the saint - Padre Pio, S. Therese of Lisieux, Three Religious Rebels, St. Martin de Pores and before the end of the month, I started reading Biblical commentaries of Raymond Brown.

One of the most significant thing that come out from my readings is that I started to have the desire to be like them. I wanted to become a stigmatist. I imagined already the pain and the many hardships that it would bring me as well as the grace that it would also bring the people. But it never came. I was reminded that it is a gift that is only given by God to a few, chosen, good, worthy persons. I am not one of them so far. But somehow, I was able to insist on the celebration of the feast of Padre Pio by preparing the breviary proper for Padre Pio.

The main reason why I decided to read on St. Therese of the child Jesus because one early morning of the second week of the month, I woke up saying her name. I just came out from a dream and I brought it t…

The Beloved

It was a non-eating apostolate day. We've come from Mumbong, joined in their Bible Sharing & paraliturgy. It was almost 12 noon already when we left the area. We arrived at the Inawasan around past 12. We stayed there for a while. The wife of Kuya Iljin bought 2 pieces of bread and a bottle of Sprite for us. Then we were given tuba to drink. Later we visited some house and stayed at the elementary school and talk with some youth. Later on Phoebe came to thank me for that which I gave last Sunday. Her mother and family were happy too. I was happy to see her and her family happy. That was enough for me. I hope the message of Christ was well taken.

We went to the house of the former barangay captain and talk with his family then by 4 PM, john and I started to walk home. I was really really hungry and tired at that time but I saw too it that I never look as such. John and I were hoping for a car to pass by and let us hitch. But unfortunately there was no car. When we were at the …