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The Sorrowful Mother

Three days ago i promised myself to start blogging reflections on the daily readings. I thought of starting it today, monday. Everything is set and ready for uploading but it seems to me that i have to set it aside for a while.

When i checked my email early this morning I came across with the news from our neighbor that my mom was taken into the hospital and that she had a highblood pressure yesterday and a vein in her brain exploaded, causing her to be mute, unable to eat, semi-paralyzed. I was in the state of shock but calmly tried to call the one who was taking care of her in the hospital. It was only during the personal prayer that i started to cry and to live the words that i have just written in the reflection for tomorrow that i was supose to post in Facebook... that in th end, i decided not to post and postpone the apostolate for the folowing week.

The cross symbolizes suffering but at the same time life. It is part of everyday's life. Sometimes it comes light and sometime…


When I went to Chipiona, a beach town in Cadiz, to spend some days during the summer vacation of August 2009, Jorge handed me one book to read while so that i wont get bored in the seashore while sitting under the sun. Their house happened to be the neighbor of house of Our Mother, the sanctuary of the Nuestra Señora del Regla. It had been a coincidence that the book was entitled “La Catedral del Mar” by Ildefonso Falcones and the sanctuary is just right near the sea shore. So everyday, as I spend my one hour meditation in the sanctuary, its as if the images of the novel comes alive. Well the imagination was towards the end of the meditation of course. Hehehehe. It’s as if everything was true and I was part of the whole story.

to be continued......


Never in my whole life that I have seen and participated in a such procession. Well, Quiapo is one of the exceptions. Cantillana is a small village under the province of Seville, its just a few kilometers away from the city urbs. It’s patroness is the Our lady of the assumption. I happened to be there on the feast of our lady with one Indian, one of Burkina Faso, and one Spaniard. The procession started at 9 pm from the church. the carosa is well adorned with flowers, gold and silver plated wood carvings. The carosa was carried by 40 persons and I imagine the weight of it that’s why it takes 9 hours to do the procession in the small village as it is. The church was flocked with a lot of young men and women and also those who are strong enough to be pushed and not to be knocked out by the growing faithful. As the procession moves on little by little, the people shouts: viva la virgen! gwapa! gwapa! viva dios! viva la virgen de Asuncion! etc. People from their balcony throw petals of r…

¿Y Tu, Por Qué Me Mirabas?

Después de un mes de trabajo con los jovenes de nuestro provincia de Betica en Loja, pasé algún tiempo precioso en las playas de San Pedro, Marbella con la familia de nuestro compañero en el seminario. Fue un lugar de las personas ricas, de tiendas caras en Europa, de turismo, un lugar de ciudadanos de primera clase y extranjeros. Pero lo que me llamó la atención no era el glamour de la ciudad ni la grandeza de las playas, sino la presencia de los pobres en aquel lugar. Literalmente pobre. Habia un par de mendigos en algunos calles, en las iglesias, y en la playa, y mucho imigrantes africanos vendieron cosas a los que estaban en la playa.

Eran los ojos, que me llamó la atención. Me sentía tan avergonzado sobre una mujer, que estaba allí pidiendo limosna, cuando me miró y me fijó sus ojos, porque no tenía algo para darle. y los ojos estaban muy centrado, diciendo que “dar mi misericordia por favor.” No sé, me sentía muy mal después porque no podría aliviar su dolor, su agonía, su sed, …

The Message of Joy - Gospel 2009

The Art of Letting Go

From time to time I have this chance of talking to my good women friends in their down moments in their love life, in moments of separation, in moments of post-separation, or in moments of looking for another person to share love with.

But this afternoon´s conversation with a close friend of mine made me write for the first time about an experience of love that we call in friendster "Complicated" status. Perhaps i was touched by the feelings that she had shared to me or perhaps because i had never shared my part in the last letting-go that i have had; perhaps because we share the same experience and the only difference is that this sharing is more of my part rather than sharing the part of the girl.

What happens when someone fall in love with someone who have decided to serve the Lord in a life of celibacy, etc? Or perhaps it is better to ask the other way around, "What happens when a partner of a complicated relationship falls out of love?

I fell in love with a high schoo…

To Have Faith and To Believe

One good friend of mine had posted on his blog http://larazone
xtraviada. questions on faith and belief that perhaps had caught my attention. I intended to write a comment but perhaps my Spanish is too bad so i decided to just write a bit of reflection and a response to his post here.

Let me start with Faith.

Faith is a complete trust that proceeds from a certain belief. It is loyalty to a certain truth, a certain body of beliefs, a certain religion, or a certain philosophy of life. It is the ascent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another based on his or her authority and truthfulness.

To have faith in God is to say that I have a complete trust in God; that i am loyal to God no matter what happens, no matter waht they say, no matter waht they do to me, no matter what difference i have on others, no matter how bad and good the church is, no matter how different the world is, etc...

To have faith is like to have love for another. Both are difficult words to defin…

A Multicultural-Fatima Birthday Present

Ten years after i decided to serve the Lord, I found myself in an exactly the same situation - an international-multicultural-marian gathering.

Ten years before, on the 1st of May 1999, I happend to attended a Mariapolis in Antipolo of the Focolare Movement in the Philippines. It was from there that I experienced for the first time multiculturality and dialogue. And it was the first time to celebrated my birthday with thousands of people of different faith and races. Days before that event I went to the vocation office of the Claretian Missionaries in Quezon City to present myself for an interview. These are two occasions that perhaps are not just a mere coincidence but a sign to reflect on.

Our Lady of Fatima had been part of my life since it was introduced to us in St. Michael Academy, a high school run by the Dominican Sisters of Siena. And I remember very well that I was dedicated to the Blessed Mother when I was 5 years of age by my grandmother and therefore the rosary had been p…

Three things you didn't know about John Luis

Top 5 Facts for this Name:
38% of the letters are vowels. Of one million first and last names we looked at, 38.4% have a higher vowel make-up. This means you are well envoweled. 
In ASCII binary it is... 01001010 01101111 01101000 01101110 00100000 01001100 01110101 01101001 01110011 
Backwards, it is Nhoj Siul... nice ring to it, huh? 
In Pig Latin, it is Ohnjay Uislay. 
People with this first name are probably: Male. So, there's a 98% likelihood you sweat just thinking of the price of shaver blades.
Name Origin and Meaning:
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: God is Gracious 
3 Things You Didn't Know:
Your personal power animal is the Humpback Whale 
Your 'Numerology' number is 9. If it wasn't bulls**t, it would mean that you are multi-talented, compassionate, and impartial. A humanitarian, you seek opportunities to help others. 
According to the US Census Bureau°, 3.283% of US residents have the first name 'John' and 0.0028% have the surname 'Luis'…

Pascua Misionera 2009

My vocation started with the youth in my parish way back exactly 10 years ago, and i remember that the desire was intense, morely intensified by the Holy Week experience with the youth at that time too.

This year i went to Villablanca, Huelva here in Spain out of obedience to the mandate of the formator. I really wanted to go to Sevilla to experience what it is to be in Spain during Holy Week because they say and i have seen in you tube how they celebrate it, of how precious it is, etc. But i was told to join the Pascua Misionera that the equipo Pastoral Juvenil Vocacional of the cmf province of Betica have had to hold in Villablanca. So i went with fear, frustration, but i guess with a bit of excitement too because the place is 25 min away from Prortugal. I had fears because i know that i can´t speak spanish well and i do not know what to do with the incapacity to formulate phrases well, the capacity to animate others well in a different language and a different context. I was frustra…

The Faces of Time

.... to be posted in 3 days time.... still eding the post

Christ´s Death and Resurrection

HISTORICAL SETTING OF JESUS DEATH.[5] The execution of Jesus of Nazareth on a cross is among the most securely established facts of his life. The precise date of the crucifixion is more difficult to establish. All four evangelist agree that it was the Friday of the Jewish Passover week. The Synoptics tells us that Jesus’ last meal seems to be a Passover meal in which case he would have died on the 15th of Nissan. The Synoptics wants to emphasize that the last meal was a Passover meal.For John, Jesus died on the preparation day for the Passover (Jn 19:14) while the Passover lambs are being slaughtered in the Temple. That would make it 14th of Nisan. John would like to present Jesus as the true Passover Lamb.Astronomical calculations would give us 7th April AD 30 as the probable date.Jesus was seen by the Romans as a political rebel. He was executed as a political rebel as attested by the inscriptions in the cross. The conclusion is often drawn from this: Jesus was a…

The Love of God - Valentines ´09

Our community have spent the weekend in Calahonda, a town near Motril in the Province of Granada. It was meant for the students to be relaxed after a month-long exams and also for the two of us, Victor and I as we end our Spanish language class. We arrived at the rest house on Friday night.
 The following day, the community decided to take a beach walk. While walking, my attention was called by a scene that you can see in the foto to the left. A father and son. I was amazed at the sight and began recalling my memories about my own biological father, asking myself if we ever had the chance to do same things like this father. I felt sad because I never had this kind of experience but on the other hand I felt happy for the child because he had his loving father with him, in the sea shore, lying under the sun, together, and ON VALENTINES DAY! The psychological stuffs surfaced when I saw this "father and son." But aside from that psychological stuff that surfaced, I felt touched …