Friday, May 8, 2009

To Have Faith and To Believe

One good friend of mine had posted on his blog http://larazone
xtraviada. questions on faith and belief that perhaps had caught my attention. I intended to write a comment but perhaps my Spanish is too bad so i decided to just write a bit of reflection and a response to his post here.

Let me start with Faith.

Faith is a complete trust that proceeds from a certain belief. It is loyalty to a certain truth, a certain body of beliefs, a certain religion, or a certain philosophy of life. It is the ascent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another based on his or her authority and truthfulness.

To have faith in God is to say that I have a complete trust in God; that i am loyal to God no matter what happens, no matter waht they say, no matter waht they do to me, no matter what difference i have on others, no matter how bad and good the church is, no matter how different the world is, etc...

To have faith is like to have love for another. Both are difficult words to define and sometimes the definition depends on the individual and not on a collective definition of the word. To have faith in love is to feel being loved no matter what manner it was given, shown, or manifested. To have faith in a statement when someones tells you "I Love You" is to completely trust that the person is really loving you whithout doubting or asking for questions WHY, WHEN, HOW, UP TO WHERE, etc.

Faith is more of the decisions made up by the mind, heart, and body together. Some religious believers and many of their critics often use the term faith as the affirmation of belief without evidence. Faith refers to belief beyond evidence or logical arguments which is sometimes called implicit faith. Faith in the sense of "belief for the sake of believing" is more of Soren Kierkegaard´s philosophical views and of the existentialist religious thinkers.

To believe on the other hand is to have confidence, trust on something or someone. It is to have a firm conviction about something: accept as true. It is to hold as an opinion or to suppose. Belief is something that is believed in like a tenet or a creed. A Belief is a sign of conviction, an opinion, a persuasion, a sentiment.

In order to believe or resort to a certain belief, it is often times necessary to have evidence or an accumulative experience, an experience that comes from a chain of experiences. To believe doesn't necessarily need the heart and the body. Sometimes, reason is enough in order to believe. Convictions can be attained after certain evidence, rational or logical evidences or way of thinking, experiences, gestures, etc.

To believe that I am "loving" is to be convinced that I am doing something for the other more than the way i do normally. To believe that i am "loving" is to be certain that I am emitting something out of me, i am sharing myself to others. To believe that i am loving is supposing that i am imparting my feelings to somebody. To believe that i am "loving" is to persuade the mind that i am doing this and is certain that i am on an act of loving.

To believe that i am "loved" is to accept the truth that somebody is entering into my heart and my mind tells me that it is true and for real. To believe that i am loved is a way of saying that you have moved me and touched my life. To believe that i am loved is to trust that which the other is proposing to me to feel, that which she had just said, that which she had just made my senses feel, that which she made impact in my life. To believe is to be convinced that i am being loved and period. Or perhaps it is wrong to say "and period" because someone who feels of being loved is always for certain moved to love in return or in any other way. Someone who felt love is someone who becomes kind, generous, patient, humble, loving etc...

To believe in love is a prerequisite to have faith in love. to have faith in love is deeper than just believing that i am being loved or that i am loving. It is completely trusting in the love that is being received or given. Because someone who has faith in love makes it sure that he or she is loyal to what is love, how to love, how to manifest love. He or she performs the duty of loving in every moment of his or her life. In relationships, when one starts to be disloyal to the partner, he or she begins to be unfaithful to him/her. To believe that he or she loves the other doesn't necessarily requires loyalty. But to have faith in love it is necessary to believe in "the love" and in "love". To have faith in love is more than just believing in love.

But the most curious of all is this question that he had posted: What is there if I don't believe or perhaps if I don't have faith in love. Likewise the statement " I cant truly love if I have not truly felt loved, and my little faith is that which compels me to love despite that it is little."

If we cease to believe in love what does it makes of us? Well, we continue to be human and continue to live the only difference is that we view things differently and receive the daily experiences differently. If we cease to have faith (not in the religious sense) then we are in the state of distrust. If we cease to believe, we start to destroy our relationships, ourselves, but it doesn't makes us nonexistent human being. We still exist even if we would not have faith or we won´t believe because Faith and Belief is not the core of human beings. If I wont believe in love, love never cease to exist, love would stay as love and continues to be love even until I die. If I wont have faith in love then i would act opposite of it and live differently than the rest, but i continue to live and exist. If i wont believe in what i say then its just mere facts of words, ideas and concepts. Because if i believe in what i say it becomes my own point of view. If i wont have faith in what i say, i am bluffing or joking or just in the state of rational mind. If i have faith in what i say, what i am saying is part of me, or i am telling about myself, or telling who i am (although it is true that what we do and say is not what we are).

But the most beautiful thing of all, aunque yo no tengo fe o no creo en amor y en Dios, Dios me ama y el crea en mi. Even if I dont believe in love or dont believe in God, God loves me and believes in me. Even if i don't have faith in love and faith in God, God continues to be faithful in me.

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