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Why John?

Last night i was asked by my rector when we met at the stairs "Why do you use John before your name." I halted, and thought for a while. I did not answer immediately and later responded "just read my journals."

I guess its time to recall back why I began using that name, or let say the name John Luis. I browsed into my journals this afternoon and found out the exact day and year I started using the name. I'd been using the name since 1999 as the journals would say but i'd been fond of it and claimed it as mine on May 15, 2003.

In 1999, during the Holy Week, since i was the Youth Coordinator, i was chosen to play the role of John the Beloved in order to complete the 12 disciples. For two years i was asked to join the 12 chosen individuals in the parish to play the role of apostles during the washing of the feet, procession, easter celebrations, etc. I liked the name and the role that i played. I felt like I'm the beloved disciple. Reasons are all over the journal of 1999 and 2000.

When i was in first year Philosophy, we were asked to make a period log, journal etc. I wrote everything that i could remember. In one of my notes, i wrote my patron saints and the reasons why i chose them. I actually defined there why I chose to have the name JOHN PETER MARIE LUIS. The name John came from that Parish experience. The name Peter came from the first Pope. He is one of my patron saints, partner with John.They both represent the Old and New Church for me. It was always been my dream to at least see a Pope in personal but i guess im always deprived of that experience, and it might never come in my life. The name Marie comes from Mary the Mother of God and of St. Therese of Lisieux. She became my favorite when i was given by my SD (Fr. Raleigh) the book of st. Therese as something to read. He asked me to read that book as far as i can remember when i told him that i thought of becoming a priest, i mean reconsidering becoming a priest. I had been inspired by the Focolare at that time.

John Peter Marie Luis became my pen name so far. I came across with one of my drafts entitled "The Young Cardinal" and it was signed as John Peter Marie Luis. That story was never finished. It had been my signatures on all my paintings and art works. Oh, not the whole name but only John Luis.

It was in May 15, 2003 according to my journal that i had a dream a day before i had a meeting with Sr. Arvi Lopez. I dreamt that Jesus was with a young man, whose face is not so familiar to me. That man was also seated on His right side smiling. Then he called me John and told me something....(its written in my book of dreams). From that day on, i decided to finally use the name John. The name Marie is still reserved but I claimed it in March 6, 2000 according to my journal.

The name URBAN IX came out just recently when i was in the Novitiate. I remember that it was also because of a dream. Those were the days that i got amazed of the book Three Religious Rebels and the Life of Padre Pio. I was able to read all the books of saints actually in the library since i was the Librarian at that time. That night i dreamt that somebody called me Urban. Padre Pio was there and one of the Three Religious Rebels. That was a very weird dream. The following day i came across with the Encyclopedia and happend to read that Urban was a name of 8 Popes, some were good and some were bad ones. From then on I took the name Urban IX as another acronym. Since it is free to dream and we dont pay a single cent, i take pride on that name, a name that a Pope someday may chose to be his name.

I still take pride on my LUIS since it is the name of great Kings, a saint, a Martyr, great artists, and it is a reminder of my roots, of my family, of my parents, and of how i came to live in this world. Adding the other names, the challenge for me now is to strive to live by the virtues that these great saints had lived not just for my own sake, not just for the respect of their great names but for the Glory of my Boss at all times.


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