Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A Surprise Visit

I was surprised in the afternoon when 6 Religious of the Virgin Mary (RVM) Junior sisters came looking for me. They were my Batchmates during teh Postulancy in Tagaytay. I was surprised because why look for me or of all, they remembered my name. I realized it's because of the video i once took. I interviewed Jasmine (now Sr. Jasmine is suppose) for the movie about vocation that i was doing at that time. But this movie was never completed beacuse i have to undergo novitiate in ormoc. I was happy, she remembered as well as the other 5 who were left from the 19 i think or i forgot now how many were they during that time. I felt touched and happy for their visit despite the fact that i was from a deep sleep at almost 5 in the afternoon.

Well today too was a busy day, Vic and I had our first tutorial class in Spanish with Fr. Ferrero in the retreat house. It was nice riding the bicycle then - no fare needed. Unfortunately it rained in the afternoon. The tutorial ended with a movie Barrendero from Mexico.. it ended at around 2 in the afternoon. That was also the time we ate lunch. My schedule for the day was cut short - actually postponing the Dialogue with Fr Bords the following day. Well, today was a day wherein i spent quality time with an old Claretian, still eager to help others and to live more fully. I saw a witnessing priest - witnessing that Ideal Claretian in Mind. Fr. Ferrero is still full of fire. I said quality time because we really gave all the attention to him and i perhaps learned something. Aside from learning that SOY is permanent and ESTOY is changeable, i also learned to be carefree, to not so wory so much about work. Life is life. It has to be enjoyed every moment wether on a stupid occasion or a good one. Likewise, i found a different amazement with the old, that some kind of a respect. I remember my grandparents who took care of me. i remember my other grandparents (parents of my Dad) whose death anniversary is fast approaching. I remember how loving they were. How i apprciate Fr. Ferrero's love to the congregation and for us young claretians. I hope i will continue burning with love when i get old.

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