Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ask, Seek and Knock

Photo credits to Bro. Nicer Natulla, CMF
Good evening my dear brothers and sisters. / There are three verbs that accompany us today, three invitations of Jesus to our prayer and life, /"Ask,/ seek,/ knock."
It is not bad to ask./ In all religions, it is the easiest way of praying: to ask. / However, sometimes we are ashamed to ask because of our pride. /Mahilig tayo magsabi "If you need anything, count on me/ if you want help, let me know/ if you want to lend a hand here I am ....”/ We seem to be relatively easy to offer our help, especially to the people we care for./ However, when we are in need,/ most of us, most of the time,/ we try to resolve them without asking help from others. /We have learned to be self-sufficient,/ we prefer not to owe favors./ Ayaw natin ng utang na loob. / And above all, it costs us a lot to recognize our fragility./ We believe that we are sufficient/ strong,/ and we can manage. Kaya ko to./ Perhaps this is one of the many thoughts why some can’t understand Benedict XVI's resignation as Pope. It's considered as scandal. Because It is not usual for a public leader to publicly acknowledge his fragility, his weariness, his fatigue, to ask others to pray for him/her, who would say well I can’t force my body now to serve ... to be able to say NO. No more. Tingnan nyo mga politico./ But we should be like Queen Esther who said: "Now help me, who am alone and have no one but you, O LORD, my God.

            Jesus is someone who knows how to ask. He asked John the Baptist to baptize him, allowing him to be one among the sinners, receiving baptism from his hands. He asked the help of a few colleagues, disciples, to assist him in his difficult task. And in time of need, during that night in Gethsemane, he asked his close company to be awake and pray with him. And since he has nowhere to lay his head, he have had to borrow a donkey for the day of his entry into Jerusalem, and a place to celebrate the Last Supper with his disciples. When he felt sorry for the people who are hungry and lost, like sheep without a shepherd, he asked for the 5 loaves of bread and two fishes and then asked his disciples to give them to the people to eat them. And during his last hour he asked to pass the cup of bitterness. And on his death, he asked John to take care of his mother. Etc etc

            Jesus had the experience of having asked and found. In people, well, he do not find always what he ask, and from his Father God. And so he said: Ask ... that your Father God will give you ... because he is always good. And as he has practiced: Dare also to ask men. To ask your fellowmen. Your neighbor.
            The second verb or invitation by Jesus gives us hope. For anyone who "seeks” shall find. But seek from God. The Lord gives what is fitting for us. As the responsorial psalm said "When I called, you answered me; you built up strength within me." "Lord, on the day I called for help, you answered me." Only the ones who seek: FINDS. Alangan, di kaya pupunta sayo ang bagay na di mo hinanap.

            The third verb is KNOCK or CALL. Jesus keeps on knocking at our door, to see if we let him in and share dinner with him. Jesus keeps on calling and asking persons who can collaborate with him in his work. Pero madalas “MAY KATOK” tayo pagkumakatok sa Dios. Malimit sinasabi natin asan ka nung kailangan kita Panginoon? Bakit ako nagkakaganito? Bakit nagkaganito pamilya ko? bakit nagkaganito mga anak ko? bakit nagkaganito buhay ko? Malimit o minsan hindi tayo tumatawag, dumudulog, kumakatok sa kanya kapag tayo ay masaya.

       My dear friends, I invite you to pray today with this 3 verbs that Jesus had presented to us. LET US LEARN TO ASK GOD AND ASK FROM OUR NEIGHBORS. Do not be proud not to ask if you need. SEEK GOD AND SEEK OTHERS. KNOCK ON GOD AND KNOCK ON OTHERS. And that others too may be able to ask, seek, and nock ... and find our humble response to them. Good evening.

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