Monday, October 9, 2006

Precious Blood

Today is a very memorable day because it is the first time that I was able to donate blood. I was always rejected, 5 times, as blood donor since philosophy because I was underweight then and if Im with the proper weight I have cold, running nose, cough etc. I thought before that maybe my blood is special that it is not allowed to be just given. Because every time its donation time, Im always rejected. I always say to myself that mine is a precious blood and it will be used for a very special purpose. Maybe that was not yet the time I said. Maybe I will shed my blood for a better glorification of God and his kingdom.

But today, it came. I was able to donate blood to Antonio Demetrio, a youth who from 4 years of age had a bone marrow cancer and a complication of the blood. He lives by the donated blood of another donor. 2 bags per month. He is now 16, very thin, short in stature because there was no more room for growth, the stomach is bulging because of stacks of blood… he often times vomits blood, his face has a blot of blood in the right cheek.

Well there goes my blood to that boy. He was my first recipient. I prayed hard that he would be healed from his disease, a total cure for him. I asked the Lord that my blood may serve as the medium for his healing. I have faith. I just hope it is also the will of God. If not, then the will of the Father will still be followed.

One thing I was happy about is that the bleeding ended at 3:00 P.M. as the TV started to air the 3:00 o'clock prayer. It became symbolic for me because it was the first time I gave blood and it was at the time also of the death of Christ. Somehow I associated my donation to the donation of Jesus for the salvation of the whole world, for the redemption of all. My donation was a donation for the salvation of Antonio that he may have life since they say that the blood we donate will sustain him 1 month more to live on earth. How I pray that my donation would be for the salvation of Antonio forever. I know how painful it is for him and for the family. His brother died already because of the same disease and they are just poor. I pray that the Lord will be merciful enough even just for this one single soul.

James was my companion who also donated

One thing that made me sad that day is that I saw a beggar lying, in a rugged clothes, in front of the Days Hotel. How I wish I was not a Novice and I was a postulant or anything else so that I can give him at least a small amount of money so that he can have something to eat at dinner time. but I am a novice and I don’t have money because we are not allowed to have one.

I realized that I may have the beautiful intention to help people, to help everyone but I can not help all. I am limited by space and time. This experience tells me that I am always limited and I don’t have all the powers in a click of my hand and there is what I want for others to have. It is enough that at least I have helped one concrete person. That would be something good for God already. Although of course it is still have to have the intention to help as many as I can, as the will of the Father allows.

Dearest Boss, I pray that I may continually see this realization in everyday life so that I may continually be open for your interventions and that more miracles may happen to others as you use me as an instrument. I pray also that Antonio be healed completely so that he may praise you and serve you in others too. I pray that the hearts of people may be touched so as they would give also what they have to others who are in dire need.

Thank you Lord for the life you gave me, for the blood you created within my body. I gave some of it for others today. I hope it may give life to others too just as Your Son, my Brother have done for me. May you be praised above the heavens. All powers comes from you. Though I am not a worthy Christian after all as the song goes, you continually inspire me to follow Jesus. Forgive me for my sins Lord. Amen.

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