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Be Miracles

The first reading is a part of a series of statements of James in order to defend or to support his thesis that a person is justified by works and not by faith alone; that the body is dead without its spirit and faith without deeds is also dead. How? James tells us today that if we can show who we are by our own actions. If we think that we are wise, it has to be seen in our day to day living. If we say that we are good, that I am good, it should reflect from what I do and from what I act. He also posits the danger of showing off specially if ones heart is full of bitterness and very ambitious. In other words, if one’s heart is not pure, do not show off that you are great or the best because surely, it will cause a lot of trouble. It will just cause evil. It will bring you no good. Diba pag may isang taong mayabang na sumemplang sa ginawa sinasabi natin.. yan kasi.. gaba… ang yabang kasi wala naman palang binatbat. Wherever you find jealousy and ambition, you find also evil and discord. While on the otherhand, those who are humble people, naturally humility comes from a simple and a loving heart – these are people who continue to be in relationship, continues to communicate with God, prayerful and peace keeping people… produces good works. They are impartial and sincere. Many good things comes out of them.

In the Gospel reading we have heard that a boy with a dumb and deaf spirit was brought to Jesus because when that boy was brought to the disciples, they were not able to heal that boy. The disciples wondered why they were not able to perform a miracle. My dear sisters and brothers, an ordinary true miracle is not something that alters nature, or a sign that can be seen. It is a fruit of the goodness of 1) God, 2) of a person, 3) of a group of people. Miracles happen from a person who are truly wise, who are good. Miracles flows out from these people. Jesus is an example of this kind of person. He has a pure hear, has good intentions in life, goodness flows from him that’s why, aside from being god who is the source of all goodness, he is able to perform miracles for people. The disciples were not able because they were looking for signs as we have heard in the readings last week, they are fighting over whose going to be the great, they are performing or doing things because they wanted to be somebody, to be known. The motivations are not pure. Prayer, according to Jesus is the best medicine for this. Why prayer, because in prayer you communicate with the source of all goodness. Sabi nga ni Fr. Vic kahapon, we are filled by this goodness. We become full of goodness. Prayer calms us down, it purifies us, our intentions. Prayer makes us belive in all things, hope in all things, have faith in God. Prayer gives us peace of mind, it gives us the power to heal, to make someone feel loved. It is the antonym, the opposite of cursing. A prayer from a pure good heart brings wellness and betterment.

My dear brother seminarians, if you wanted to do miracles or be miracles in life, pray. Do not be too ambitious and be showy. Start not to be so boastful in ...


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