Saturday, June 16, 2012


A Sequel to Backview
by Sandz L BahiaJr on Saturday, June 16, 2012 at 9:37pm (taken from FB notes)

He loves being one of those OUTSTANDING people in the church. And I was once BY-STANDING one when church people gather in the house of the Lord.

I never did care about the “happenings” whenever my parents would bring me to the church for the mass. I found it too awkward knowing my friends would be laughing at me: “Sundays are for computer games Dude!” they would say.

It irritated me. I was always surrounded by elderly on the pew where we were seated. The atmosphere made me feel sleepy. The scent made me feel dizzy. Oh creep! And from then on, I have found myself standing outside the church – as what my brother once wrote, “OUT STANDING.”
And that brother has walked the extra mile. There at the altar, he’s already “outstanding.” While I remained standing outside the church as a porter during his ordination, I have felt what it takes to stand outside the church. I felt in a sense, “low” – people will just pass in front of you (especially with the kind of face I have), but I enjoy their presence at times (distracting or not).

During his ordination to the diaconate, I think I have caught Rev. Lui wearing his unfamiliar “sadness” while facing the people and doing the sacrament in the altar. And while I sat at the back of the church (after being so exhausted standing outside), I could only guess he can no longer sit on the back benches or stand at the side of the entrance of the church whenever he’ll go to mass. There - at the very moment of June 16, 2012, he was in front, not just in the front row, but in the altar.

I believe also that there’s no wrong being a BYSTANDER member of the congregation. After all, that’s where everything starts.


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