Thursday, June 7, 2012


A young girl approached me this afternoon and started talking about her sad story after the fire in San Vicente. She lost everything and only saved the shirt and shorts that she was wearing that day. Since the time that the fire broke out last 18th of May, she and the rest of those who lost their homes have been sleeping and staying in the community stage or center. She was looking for a job today. She said she is giving up the money intended for her studies just to build up a new house and start anew. They were promised to be able to avail of a house in the relocation site but they could only have it next year. "From today till that day next year, where shall we stay and how could we live?" she asked me.

I felt so helpless, I didn't have a job to offer her nor have the power to create jobs and give salary. Perhaps I could give clothing or the rest of my allowance but I know that is not enough and that's not what she and the rest of those who were victims of fire needs at this moment. What they really need is security: money to sustain life, food to continue living, shelter to lay down their heads at night. I felt so sorry and disturbed because I felt so incapable of helping, even at least in helping her and giving her a little amount of money. I know how it feels to have nothing, be helpless, be hopeless. I know, because I come from a poor family that depends only from the mercy of generous persons.

Perhaps I am helpless and I don't have a job to give her but I have the voice to let it be known to all of you. Perhaps I am not Superman to save the world nor I am the Christ to lift up their souls, but I have this blog and my hands to appeal for your help for these poor little ones. Perhaps I am incapable of helping all of them, but I firmly believe you are capable of helping at least one. Perhaps it is really wrong to live in and be a squatter, but who are we to judge. We too are most of the time squatters in the Kingdom of God. So please extend your hand even just for this one family. Thank you!

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  1. more to come... dae ka pa ngani deacon, nag papairiling na.

    PS: ang allowance mo, kahit di man maging sapat sa kanila ay makatutulong... makatutulong...