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Ibaon Mo!

Everyone who listens to the words of Jesus or the words of God and acts on them will be like a wise man who built his house on rock. We are simply being told in our readings of the day that we should root our life in the Lord, to make him as our strong foundation of our faith. Jesus, a master of convincing authority, is teaching the "requisites" to belong in His Kingdom and how should we behave after the Law of God.

Actually, listening to the Word of God implies to put it into effect. We are urged to bear witness to our faith. He who does it will have prudence and wisdom. Building the house on rock is a clear image that invites us to value our commitment to our faith, which cannot be limited to just a few nice words, but must be based on the authority of our achievements, impregnated with charity. Words and prayers without any commitment do not count, but only our desire to live in accordance with God's Project.

We have our first reading as an example of a house built on a sand. The kingship of Jehoiachin was taken away from him because as we have heard, He did evil in the sight of the LORD, just as his predecesors had done. A greater kingdom took it away from him and Nebuchadnezar deported Jehoiachin to Babylon and put somebody else in his place.

That is the same thing that will happen to us if we do not root our faith in the word of God and if our actions is not a witnessing action of God's love. My dear friends, it is us who builds our houses. We are the ones who constructs it and not God. God only gives us the materials to construct it. One of these materials is the Word of God. So please do not blame the Lord or attribute any "kamalasan" to our God and that he caused it for it is us who builds the house and choses where and how to build it. Tayo po ang nagcoconstruct ng buhay natin. God only gives the material.

As we continue with our eucharistic celebration, let us pause for a while, and i will ask you to gently close your eyes and reflect.

How do I speak and behave like a Christian in my life?
Papano ko nga ba isinasabuhay ang pagiging kristiano ko?
How do I define my testimony?
How do I undertake the commandment of love in my life, whether personal, family, professional?
Thank you Lord for your Word and for reminding us today that we should always make the Word of God as our foundation so that when storms and floods would come, our houses, our faith would not simply be drown away.


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