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We were texting and talking over the phone on how we gonna go over with the sessions of the scheduled YE and YE-FSW in Montalban this July. We were cracking jokes on how he's gonna ride on the plane if i'll buy a plane ticket for us rather than taking the 10-hour-bus going to Manila. And the news just suddenly came on Friday morning: "goodmorning fr. louie, dominic is dead."

I called. Confirmed. It's true.

Life is fragile.  I have seen videos of people, fired with riffle, beheaded, killed. I've personally seen people dying, shot dead, killed in Basilan. I learned about distant relatives' death. I hear griefing people everytime I celebrate funeral masses in the parish or in the barrio. Just last tuesday I have celebrated a mass for a 10 year old boy who died on the day of his birthday after being bitten by jelly fish. People die anytime, at any place, for many different reasons. We do not know when, how, and where will it happen. Life is fragile.

If life is fragile then it has to be taken with utmost care. Or better say, cherish every moment spent with friends and relatives. Strengthen relationships every moment. Reject. Affirm. Confront. Challenge. Risk. Co'z it's hard to utter words infront of a stone, the wind will just blow it away.

Bye Nick. You have been a good friend and a brother. We will miss you in our YE in Montalban. Thank you for introducing me to the youth of the Diocese of Legaspi. If not, I would not have known Ate Dehna, Boning, Luzviminda, etc. etc... and would have never discovered the beauty of the weekend encounter that we used to love to render together. Thank you! See you during the reunion! May you rest in Peace!

"Lang daya mo yuy! Nangitan na naman baga ika. Amu ka nikan? Maray kan semu? Ay inda naman kita baga nikadi yuy. Mala. Kin baga gusto na naman ika magpara pamumuna. Sigi na lugod. Di magpara rabas maski sen sen ha. Bata ika naman. Uminamo ngani tulos ika pagsabi kong Manila. Ay inda yuy!"


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Today, fourth Sunday of Lent, the two other symbols of Baptism that brings us also two important things in life are presented to us: LIGHT AND HAPPINESS. These symbols are the OIL AND THE CANDLE.The oil symbolizes that we are chosen, we are anointed, we are sent. And the candle represents Christ, the true light, our guiding light.

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La conversione comporta il cambiamento. La conversione può essere lo stesso: l'alterazione, la modifica, variazione, la rivoluzione, la trasformazione:

1) Dal UMILIATO a GLORIOSO - la terra di Zabulon e di Neftali è stato umiliato, ma in seguito si rivelerà gloriosa;

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