Sunday, June 22, 2014

Made a Difference

elias visitPeople come to greet and are glad to see you once again coz you have made a difference.

Two former pastors of the parish where I am assigned now, who have not visited the place for so long, visited us for few days on two different occassion during the first two quarters of 2014. Well, many others visited too, but these two are different. People flocked, reminisced their days with them in the past. People were happy to see them. And I was wondering what made them so special. Until I come to the point of realizing that perhaps, these guys may not have just preached with beautiful and theologically sound words but better than that, they have left a mark and have touched their hearts, made them felt loved and cared for, made them as part of the life of the parish; and I suppose, they have brought the presence of Christ that which made their relationships even better and stronger. They established relationships than just simply giving lectures on how to build  Christian relationship among the People of God.

Now I wonder, after a year and two months, had I ever made at least a single difference in the lives of at least one or two parishioners who are not among the normal circle of friends in the parish. Well, if not, I guess I better realign my priorities and convert my homilies into relationships. Perhaps I can better let them understand what Christ’s love means than just by simply explaining and elaborating it in homilies. Smile 

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