Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pray, Learn, and Be Good

It is but fitting that we launch our Catechetical Program for the parish today with the readings that we have just heard. Most of us would always ask what is happening into this world and why can’t we change the world. Part of the answer to that is in us. We are the answer to that change. We may not be able to change the world but we can be the change. And we can do that by increasing our faith in God.

In the Gospel today, we have heard that the disciples asked Jesus for an increase of faith. This is the same thing that we should do, we should also ask Jesus to increase our faith. To increase in faith, we have a lot of things to do. One is to know first our faith, and the other is to strengthen what we already know. The catechism will help the first one. The second one already depends on our lifestyle.

Now the question is, how to increase our faith? For you my dear young ones, I would give you three words to remember: PRAY, LEARN, BE GOOD.

PRAY. Take this opportunity to learn how to pray. So that you will have a closer relationship to God our Father. You can tell everything you want to tell him. But do not just pray for yourselves. Pray also for your companions and for your parents. So what is it again? – PRAY.

Then, LEARN. When you attend the catechesis, you do not come just to play or to be with your friends. You have come to know more who God is and how much he loves each one of you and that you must always have trust in him. So LEARN.

BE GOOD. Being a good Christian is not just being shown through memorizing the Our Father, Hail Mary, etc. You should be doing good to your companions, to your teachers, to your parents.

What was it again? PRAY, LEARN, BE GOOD. Very good!

Now I would like to address the Catechists. My dear catechists, you should also PRAY, LEARN, and BE GOOD catechists.

PRAY so that you will be credible to teach them to pray. Pray when you find your class like the situation of Habakuk in the first reading so that you may contain yourself and maintain the presence of God and not a monster. And please pray for your students, that they may have deeper and stronger trust and confidence in God.

LEARN AND TEACH. You are giving your free service to these kids not just to teach them. You must also learn from them. Remember that the Lord loves the little ones and we are told to learn from them. So learn what are their individual precious gifts, so that you may be able to teach them how to stir into flame those gifts of God. So that in the end, they may serve the people and the Lord courageously as Saint Paul says in the second reading. Learn and teach them to have the spirit of power, of love, and self-control. Learn and teach them to be brave Christians.

And lastly, BE GOOD. Be testimonies of our Lord. I want you to remember the reminder of Jesus in the Gospel today. In a true, loving relationship, whether it be with God or another person, the joy and satisfaction is in unconditional giving and sharing. You are doing this not for your own satisfaction but for God. We teach these kids not for us to be remembered and consoled later. We do this because we wanted them to increase in their faith, just as we too learn to increase our won faith.

Opening of Catechetical Program - Sending Off Mass

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