Monday, January 31, 2011

“The way to gain a man’s heart is to feed his stomach”

heart_coffeeA girl once told me that one way to gain a man’s heart is to feed his stomach. No wonder why somebody invited me to take a cup of coffee and from there we started to share cups. No wonder why somebody used to come to my house and keep on brining me food to eat and not long after she became part of my heart.

FOOD UNITES AND BIND HEARTS. It's part of of our culture to celebrate feasts, banquets on birthdays, weddings, and even on burials - from infancy to eternity. Aside from the exchange of words and experiences during these moments, the prepared food becomes one of the central and binding factors of the encounter. Most of courtship activities, aside from sex and kisses that you used to only know, are also done through dinner dates, picnic, etc. Meetings are served with tea or coffee or bits of chocolates and peanuts. And you can add more examples to that.

This blog entry had been in my drafts for several weeks already. It was intended to be an article about love and courtship. But i guess it won't be as i have thought of it in the first place. It's all because of what one of my companions mentioned last week about an affirmation his professor in class made – “when God became flesh, all he did was eat, drink and pray in almost all instance.” That professor, affirmed what I had been thinking of when I started to write this entry few weeks ago. What a coincidence perhaps!

Indeed, Jesus, in order to capture man’s heart, he ate with him, he ordered for a banquet. He used food to teach, to preach, to become one with us. He ate with the sinners, the poor, the rich, the leaders - a sign of God's union to all human beings what ever his status in life. He fed the five thousand men. He captured the hearts of many that they wanted him to become a political leader. He did his farewell speech with a banquet, on the feast of the Passover and captured the hearts of his apostles and friends. Then his followers continued his practice. The Church continued his example. Today we have the Eucharist that gathers us as one community; that gathers us to celebrate and remember the suffering, death, and resurrection of Christ; that makes us one in heart with God.

This entry may not have ended as an article on courtship but I guess it ended up as an idea on how Jesus captured on one way or another the hearts of men during his time, a courtship of God on men.

And perhaps it could serve as an idea to all the ladies out there who are desperate already in looking for their twin heart. Perhaps it’s just in time for the coming valentines celebrations. If you wish to be not part of the SMV Club, then why not try “FOOD” as a way to capture your man’s heart!

(When you succeed let me know. jejejeje)


  1. Te comento en español, ¿ok? je, je:

    Las mejores conversaciones y de las que más he aprendido ha sido durante una comida o en la sobremesa de una.

    En fin comer es importante; alimentarse bien y alimentarse bien el espíritu también, nos da el equilibrio que toda persona necesita para sentirse realizada.

  2. no hay prob! jejeje. esa entrada tenía una versión en español pero me lo quité porque la gramática era un desastre. jejeje.

    has hecho un resumen de lo que quería decir en el articulo y muy bien hecho... suerte en los examines!