Friday, July 1, 2011

I'll be Schooling Forever

I officially started going to school when I was 5. But years before that, when I was three, my grandfather started to teach me all about the sea and all its creatures, the universe, the names of the different constellations in the sky. At that age, I knew already why the sky is blue, scientifically explained, and why everything are kept intact on the ground, the gravitational force of the earth, etc etc. Then I was accelerated to grade one when I was six. During that time only those who have seven years of age are allowed to start going to  elementary school.

Six years of elementary and intermediate schooling, then four years of secondary education. At the age of sixteen I started studying Computer Engineering at the used to be called AMA Computer College now AMA Computer University. I was forced to stop for a semester due to financial crisis in the family. I transferred to Aquinas Univerity of Legazpi. Then came the Claretians who invited me to come and see their way of life and of their mission. I was deeply encouraged that I left my career, one year before graduation.

When I entered Claret, I decided to take the entire four years of Philosophy. After taking Bachelor of Arts major in Philosophy minor in Psychology, I have had to take another bachelors course - Bachelor in Sacred Theology and at the same time Masters in Pastoral Ministry at Loyola School of Theology, Ateneo de Manila University. But in the middle of my theology course, I was asked to pull myself out of Ateneo to come here in Spain and continue studying there. My course was changed to  Licenciate in Eclesiastical Studies at the Facultad de Teología de Granada affiliated to the University of Granada. It was a mess. I have had to repeat some subjects due to the different system of credits or units. There had been a time that I felt like I do not want to study anymore.

It was a big relief that I already finished my studies yesterday. And I even posted on Facebook that everything ends here. I just realized now that I guess I was wrong. This is just the end that leads to a new beginning. I realized that schooling never ends with graduation. Life itself is a never-ending course, a never ending cycle of learning. I'll be studying forever then. This time, more of learning from the realities in life, realities of life, and of realities with life.    

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  1. Fr. efren limpo lo, fr elias ayuban, fr bong dilag, and many of our other claretian brothers are currently studying in a foreign land. they have been priests for a couple of years already, and they have been studying (and already graduated from consecutive courses!)for long period of are not alone my brother. either i. -sandz