Sunday, September 11, 2011

So As Others May Have Life

guardsLast night , I toured around the convent, and as I sat near the gate, one of the guards, without asking him a single question, started to share about his life as a soldier then he talked about his family. He shared about his longings amxieties to see his son and his wife. He had been desiring to retire already in the service but he was not yet granted of his request. He had served a lot already in the military service and had been part of major operations that captured some key leaders of the rebels. Then we talked about the bomb that exploded yesterday morning and many other stories of war.

I am glad that I knew him not only for being our life protector but also as a person, as another creation of God, a person who has his own stories in life, a person who also considers his own life as something precious not just for himself but also for others. I am amazed and I salute him for the fact that he knows that he is needed most by his family, and yet he is dedicating his life in protecting somebody else’s life, more than his own and of his family. I vow to his dedication and service. He expressed that he finds similarity between his service and of ours. We both dedicate ourselves for others, risking our own selves for the sake of life, love and duty he said. Indeed, we dedicate our selves to others, even if we die so as others may have life.

I am happy for the desires he has for his family. I pray for him blessings and peace of mind. I just hope and wish for this man, who had served, protected men of God, and who served his fellow countrymen that he may also find his true happiness with his family and finds that true joy of being with his son. And may he and his family also be protected from harm.

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