Saturday, February 5, 2011

Be a Consumer or An Agricultor

For almost all of us, we love to eat prepared food than to prepare them ourselves then eat. Since I have started with food in the last entry to this blog, i'll continue with it. I promise that this could be the last for this month about food...although i might change my mind later and add another one... not unless someone would file already a statement of reclamation for doing so.

Let's try to look at the anatomy of a fruit and take an apple as an example. What are the parts of an apple? Basically, in its exterior we find the epicarp or the skin, and in the middle, the mesocarp, the flesh of the apple that you usually eat. Then we have the endocarp or the core that covers the seeds. Then we find the seeds at the center of the fruit. Well, sometimes we find apples that comes with stem and a leaf specially when picked right from your garden.

We usually throw away the last three parts aforementioned since we don't eat them. Well, not unless you have lost your mind. All that we eat is the flesh and sometimes without removing its skin. But guess why in almost all of the fruits, the seed is at the center of all. Why do we find them there and seems like it's protected? Because it is the most important part of the fruit. God gives us seeds and not fruits as Bo said. And every time that God gives us fruit, that is because he is giving us the fruit that is within. The fruit serves as the bonus part. Now i do not mean that you eat also the seed together with the flesh of an apple. The seed is meant to be for another reason.

What we want in life is that everything should come already packed-up and ready to take. We often ignore the process of planting and harvesting. We want to have a brilliant, successful, perfect life in an instant. But sorry, God does not always give us fruit, he always give us seeds so that we can plant it and have fruits whenever we want to. I hope this could serve as an eyeopener for those who can not move on in life.

So what are you waiting for? If you are stranded right now, stop waiting for the fruit. Plant and you'll get your harvest in time!

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