Saturday, March 26, 2011

Strike the stone

There are different types of stones - granite, limestone, sandstone, marble, soapstone, alabaster... And they differ in sizes, figures, texture - small, big, round, heart-shaped, oblong, smooth, rough. They are used to build house, walls, fortress, dams, bridges. They serve as tripods every time you go for picnic and cook out there in the woods or open fields. They are also used to decorate our floors, house interiors, bathrooms. They are sometimes sculptured into important figures in the society. And the precious ones are used to show elegance and status quo - transformed into jewels, rings, earrings.

But despite its elegance and importance, stones are stones: HARD and LIFELESS. Although some may be a bit soft but basically it's HARD.
It's curious that our society took the stone as a symbol of a man who doesn't have life, who doesn't have a heart or someone who is rude, dictator, harsh, immune, merciless. Anyone who lives with a stone person will have LESS LIFE and sooner or later becomes LIFELESS too. A "stone" person takes time to enter the tomb but all throughout life will be like a living dead.

I have brought this up because of the image of the striking of the stone that Moses did in the first reading that we will hear this coming 3rd Sunday of Lent. It could serve as an idea for those who are murmuring on their struggles in life, for those who are struggling for power, life and prestige, etc. When Moses stroke at the stone, water came out. In other words, life came out and life was gained by those who were able to take it.

If you have a heart of stone, if you have barriers in life that stops you from moving on, if you have difficulties as big as mountain of stone, WHY DONT YOU STRIKE IT and gain life, move on. This way, you would not only give life to yourself, you'll be also giving life to others specially for those who are around you. GIVE WATER!

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