Tuesday, May 15, 2012

God of Silence

Silence, silence, silence. Everything is heard while all are in silence: the chirping of the birds, the sound of the cricket, the rush of the cars that are hundreds of meters away, the drop of rain, the cracking of the barks and branches of the tree, the hush of the leaves, the footsteps of the women in veil and without veil, the sound of the lizard on theceiling and the cry of the small frog inside the balete tree. All the small sounds are heard because of silence around me. And i feel like these are all just nearby and i am part of their world too.
Lord, is this the reason why you are silent most of the times, so that you could hear and listen to our cries? Is this the reason why you are silent almost all of the times so that even the smallest voice of your smallest and humble creatures may be heard? Is this the reason why you keep yourself unheard because you prefer to be felt and be part of us.
Thank you for this day of silence. Now i know what to do in order to hear the plea of those who are voiceless and those with small voices in the society. Now i understand, all that i need to do is listen and then care rather than just "care". If I had not been silent today, I may noy have heard what you were truing to tell me.

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