Friday, June 23, 2017

His Heart

We celebrate today the solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. What makes sacred the heart of Jesus is, first and foremost, his being the Son of God and the Son of a woman with an immaculate and marvelous heart. What makes sacred Jesus' heart is that it is full of the knowledge of the Father and it is only the Father who fills his heart. Everything that comes from it comes from the Father and what comes from his heart are signs of the abundant love of the merciful God. What makes sacred the heart of Jesus is its connection to the heart of the Father. He has the same heart as of the Father. 

What makes sacred the heart of Jesus is that it is capable of embracing all those who are tired and fatigued in life, those who are lost and weary. Those who are tired can rest in his heart, find peace in his heart, find hope in his heart.

As followers, we are all invited to learn from his sacred heart. We are invited to look deeply and imitate his meek and humble heart. We are invited to take his yoke because his yoke is good and his weight is light. Because if we have a heart similar to that of Jesus, all the problems of our lives would be bearable and they would be light.

Let us pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that he may continue to teach us the path to the Father and lighten the burdens of our tired hearts.  

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