Friday, January 8, 2016

Ay Pag-ibig!

Love is a word that is easy to pronounce when read 
but difficult to truly express its meaning when said. 
Love is a feeling that involves losing and dying, 
and yet brings gain and life for others when you are truly loving. 
Love is so hard to define
as it is difficult for God to be defined. 
Love is difficult to confine in one sole meaning
 when you try to teach people through your experiences
which to them it doesn't mean anything.
It is complex and various significance
compared to God's love which only mean one thing.

The Lord says that we must love God and love one another.

Isn't it very nice to hear? 
Isn't it very nice to imagine?
I wonder how the world would be 
if love is everywhere and everyone is loving. 
It's nice to say and nice to dream, 
but truly, very difficult to put into doing.
It is complex and requires a lot of effort
and entails a lot of sweating.

When love is spoken, it stirrs feelings on others. 

And when love is expressed in action,
 a miracle before your eyes will surely happen. 
Love leads people to be compassionate,
 to be merciful, to be kind,to be generous, to be patient, 
offer what little he has for the other, 
creates a current that draws on others,
and to be as well, ...loving.

The miracle of the loaves of bread and two pieces of fishes

when together read with today's first reading (1 Jn 4.7 to 10),
for me brings a different looking than the usual reading:
"God" who is love, did not remain as a definition
but became a true expression of his being;
became one of us to express what it is, what is, and what he means. 
Jesus felt pity, mercy and compassion
for the thousands of people who seek for him 
like sheep without a shepherd,
for people who felt loved and still seeking.

He talked about love, has caused his disciples to show love

and most importantly, he taught them to love
by sharing the little they have.
Lo and behold! A miracle happened.

The challenge for us today, my dear brothers and sisters:
is to not only speak about God's love 
but also to tweak it into doing. 
Do not be afraid to share the small amount of love that you have
cause in reality, that little love that you have is a yeast
that can lead you to celebrate a feast.

Good morning!

Photo credits to Kevin Mark Rendor and Ian Diaño

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